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  Thank you for your visit! Our site is dedicated to present shareware and freeware programs and components that will enrich your computer experience. We are focused on Image Processing, Programming, Generic Tools & Assistants.

Shortcuts to the most popular of our products:

An image converter supporting JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg), GIF (*.gif), PNG (*.png) and more formats. It can handle large amounts of photos, resize and correct quality on the fly. You can reduce the size of your pictures with AZImage in batch mode as well. Features: automatic upload to Google Picasa, 64 bit internal image representation, support for raw photos and much more ...

Some freeware tools (e.g. a resolution helper and a basic comparision tool with support for renaming files).
My Time Wizard

If you use MyTimeWizard your computer clock will permanently stay in sync with an atomic clock. The atomic clocks are the base for most accurate time measurements available.

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Convert, resize, optimize your photos with AZImage - the easy to use image converter
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