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My Time Wizard

-   Description

With My Time Wizard your computer clock will permanently stay in sync with an atomic clock, the base for most accurate time measurements available. Never wonder if the computer clock is really accurate or if you can take it as a reference while you are working or playing with the computer. All you need to do is to let it run in the background, relax and do your work. Isn't this what you always hoped to have the time to do? You won't even have to check the time as My Time Wizard even warns you about your schedule.

-   Pricing

The price for the full version is $19.95. See below for details on how to obtain the full version.

-   Shareware Version
The shareware version will work without any limitations for 15 Days from the moment you download it. During this period you can use and distribute the program free of any charge. After the 15 days the program will display a notice when launched and refuse to start. In order to continue to use it you need to license it from our distributor SWReg, Digital River. To download a shareware version click here

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