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20.06.2011: AZImage is now available for only 9.90 USD!

16.07.2012: AZImage contains minor bugfixes and few updates to translation strings.

31.10.2011 Version contains minor bugfixes and updates the RAW support to libraw 0.14.3
24.06.2011 Version contains help file updates, references to our wiki
06.06.2011 Version fixes minor GUI bugs
08.04.2011 Version fixes a minor bug - memory leak due to OpenGL textures
07.03.2011 Version fixes minor bugs and adds an "Open Folder" button after the conversion
07.02.2011 Version adds an OpenGL preview frame during the conversion.
12.01.2011 Version adds a preview window for the image processing form, with a save option to jpeg, a dynamic multi-language support (language strings are now included as separate files) and support for Arabic (experimental).
29.11.2010 Version updates the libraw to v0.11.0 and adds a predefined selection dialog for output formats to help out users without image processing experience.
12.07.2010 Version adds the german language support into the GUI (experimental).
08.03.2010 Version adds image processing features (brightness/contrast, frame, watermark and grayscale).
08.03.2010 Version has not passed our quality gate and therefore was not released.
Known Issues: We had a bug in the installer, that prevented the correct installation of AZImage and some of the prior versions on machines where AZImage was never installed. If you use an older version from some other download site get an error message when installing AZImage, please install or upgrade to latest version directly from our site!
16.11.2009 Version added automatic (EXIF based) and manual rotate and flip. Fixed minor memory leaks from the EXIF handling. Generates EXIF information from information available in raw photos.
09.11.2009 Version added option dialogue for RAW photos (similar to dcraw), jpeg. Exif information is now preserved.

22.06.2009: AZImage enters the beta testing phase. A demo version will be in few days available for download.
New features:
- drag and drop files to the AZImage
- integration with Windows Explorer (extending context menus for images)
- autoupdate over the internet
- user-friendly interface (yes! we know :)
- and much much more ...

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